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Meet the Velir team at DrupalCon 2021!

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Velir is pleased to be a Platinum sponsor of DrupalCon's 2021 virtual event.

Our team will be available to meet with a limited number of folks during the show to explore any ideas or projects that are on your mind. Our team has been working with Drupal for more than 13 years. Whether you are looking to upgrade to Drupal 9, struggling through a large-scale content migration challenge, or are curious about modern content editing solutions like Acquia Site Studio, we'd love to talk.

Selected Case Studies deployed on Drupal

A Large Multifamily Builder in the US
Enabled their marketers with a self-service model to create websites without additional development.
A Leading Economic Research Non-profit
Modernizing an economic think tank through a re-engineering of their content model.
Harvard University Library
Promoting a culture of use by providing resources to technologically-savvy students and researchers.
Reimagining what a state website can be in service of their constituents.

Want to learn more about Velir's Drupal Experience?

Decoupled Drupal

Progressively Decoupled Experiences with ReactJS in Drupal 9

There is an increasing demand to create decoupled or hybrid experiences (progressively decoupled) on the web. This means treating your backend system as the data/content store and using any number of client side frameworks out there to power the user interface over traditional theming methods.

Developer working at their computer


Dockerize Storybook for Drupal 9

Over the years we've released various integrations with these tools for Drupal 7 through Drupal 9, providing popular theme implementations for Neato and Zurb Foundation, plus dozens of custom themes for projects based around Pattern Lab. These days, we find ourselves relying more on Storybook for new projects and less on older generation design systems.

Conceptual image of a user working on a data visualization project.