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The Ultimate Guide to Sitecore Personalization

This whitepaper features insights from our 15+ years implementing Sitecore for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, associations, educational institutions, and other organizations. We’ve collected our top recommendations, best practices, and tips on how Sitecore can further your personalization and digital marketing efforts.

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Build Emotional Connections and Trust with Your Audiences Through Sitecore Personalization

Personalization creates memorable experiences to build stronger bonds with your audiences. Sitecore’s personalization can do this but is most effective when you know where to focus your efforts. Using our extensive Sitecore experience, we created this guide to prioritizing your Sitecore personalization efforts and creating a plan to carry them out.

How to Choose the Right Personalization Implementation Strategy
Three potential Sitecore personalization implementation strategies for your organization.
The Responsible Marketer’s Guide to Personalization
A thoughtful approach to developing your personalization strategy.
What, Where, and How to Personalize in Sitecore
How to personalize website content with Sitecore and where to focus your personalization efforts.
Connecting Online and Offline Behaviors
How a Velir client connected users' online and offline behaviors to power more advanced Sitecore personalization.
Sitecore MVPs

Learn from a Sitecore Platinum Partner and Thought Leader with 7 Sitecore MVPs

In our time as a Sitecore partner, we have developed deep expertise on the platform by performing more than 100 Sitecore implementations and hundreds of Sitecore-related projects. We have over 40 Sitecore-certified developers, seven of which are Sitecore MVPs. We’re proud of our MVPs, who have been hand-picked by Sitecore from over 1,000 partners and 8,000 developers worldwide to be recognized for their extensive knowledge of the platform.

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Learn how Sitecore personalization can help you forge stronger connections with your audiences and take your digital marketing to the next level.